Own a piece of history...

On June 15th 1957, a brand new Plymouth Belvedere was buried along with a time capsule near the courthouse in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, as part of the state's semi-centennial and Tulsarama! festivities. The car was filled with various memorabilia, including: Boron gasoline, the contents of a woman’s purse and a case of Schlitz Beer. The propane tank-sized time capsule was also packed with numerous historical artifacts from 1957.

They sat buried for 50 years as the legend grew, and speculation mounted as to what exactly would be found once the vault lids were opened. Worldwide attention was focused on Tulsa, Oklahoma as the time neared to unearth the Belvedere, and car enthusiasts from all over the globe gathered to witness a once in a lifetime event. In June of 2007 Tulsarama! returned and the Belvedere was unearthed during Oklahoma's Centennial.

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